Dinner Party Techniques | Cooking In Your Kitchen | Knife Skills 101



Do you love entertaining but struggle with planning and executing a satisfying meal for a dinner party? Let us show you how you can succeed, from start to finish. You choose how much of the process you want to be involved in. You might already have all the preparation and cooking skills, but not be able to transfer them into something beautiful on the plate.

Our training will take you from planning the menu to sourcing quality ingredients and preparing them. We will then teach you the best ways to cook your food to perfection and show you plating techniques that would make a Michelin star chef proud.

All you then have to do is invite your friends to dinner and impress them with your new skills.



Have you ever opened the fridge, looked at what’s in there and thought “I have nothing for dinner” even though it’s full! Maybe you have kitchen gadgets and gizmos that you’re not entirely sure how to use.

We can help you take the ingredients you have in your kitchen to create impressive, quality meals. We will also show you how to get the best out of the equipment you have.

You’ll be cooking up a storm in no time and will never look at your kitchen in the same way again. It will present you with lots of new culinary opportunities to wow your family and friends.



Don’t know a paring knife from a chef’s knife? Which knife do you use to get the best results for each stage of food preparation? Let us enlighten you with our knife skills 101 class.

You can learn how to use a knife efficiently and safely so you develop speed, without cutting your fingers. We will explain the different types of knives available and what each one is used for. It’s also good to know how to care for your knives keeping them sharpened and honed so they give you precision cuts every time.

We also give you the option to purchase your favourite knives on the day to add to your collection.


CSA Catering offers you bespoke, top tier, flexible dining options to suit your needs. Our trained professionals have many years of experience gained in some of the finest restaurants and hotels. We are sure you and your guests will be delighted with our exceptional service and attention to detail.



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